"Toni has a fantastic voice and good follow through, and on budget. I'll be working with her again."

Ron Packard, Jr. 
Cloudburst Games, LLC


Toni Orans has been the radio advertising voice of our annual Film Festival for
four years.  She has a very professional sound, whether she provides be a straight read or embellished with accent.  She is a delight to work with, often making good
suggestions for improvement; and always delivers on time.

Bob Woelfel
VP Marketing
Mendocino Film Festival


"Toni is a joy to work with--talented, reliable, and exuberant in equal measure."

Andrew Todhunter 
Author and Filmmaker 
Andrew Todhunter Productions


"Working with Toni Orans was wonderful! She has a marvelous range and is fun, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Most importantly she is interested in getting what you want done just right. It was a pleasure."

Ayo Chenzira
Film and Digital Media Artist

"Toni Orans is a very talented voice actress.  As a director and producer, I appreciate her "clean" articulation and her ability to develop original characters on the spot.  She transitions from straight narrator to character and back to narrator seemlessly.  
Always a pro, easy to work with.  Warm, sassy, imaginative...she brings a lot to the table.  For books, for commercials, Toni Orans' voice makes the script come alive.  

My clients just love Toni's Voice!" 

Jay Ginsberg
"Toni Orans is the kind of voice artist who can truly brighten up a producer’s day.  She’s talented, reliable, takes direction extremely well and works quickly.  All that and more makes her an absolute delight to work with!"
Penny Abshire, A.S.G.
Senior Producer/Creative Director
VoiceActing.com – San Diego, CA

"Hi, Toni!

Just heard the spot.  You did a wonderful job -- nice and warm and welcoming, beautiful articulation and perfect pace!

Thanks again."

Betsy Ford -
Board of Directors Vice President, Programming
Mendocino Film Festival, Mendocino, CA

"Toni was a pleasure to work with and her voice added to our film."
Toni, thanks again for your work.

Jennifer Thompson
Producer / Director
Bullet Train Media
San Francisco, CA

“Toni portrayed Dinah (in “One Shoe Off” by Tina Howe) starting out as a neurotic, Neil Simon-type character, then throughout the play, mercurially had to shift gears half a dozen times; portraying the character in various theatrical genres, and ultimately, end the play stoically and heroically, as a kind of Mother Courage figure. It was an amazing performance to witness. The fact that our production exceeded all my expectations, turned out to be so successful artistically, and was so well received by the public is in no small degree due to the committed and masterful performance of Toni Orans.”

“...Toni always conducted herself in a professional manner and brought with her an infectious, cheerful, positive energy. She is very creative and imaginative and is always very funny. She’s consistently eager, and ready and willing to try different approaches to the work. She takes direction admirably and, as I found out, is able to quickly implement any suggestions one might give her. “

“She is an extraordinary woman and a gifted, versatile theatre artist who I look forward to some day working with again.”

Hugh Dignon (Equity Actor)
Director - “One Shoe Off”
Mendocino Theatre Company
Mendocino, CA